The Judicial Symposium on Intellectual Property will be held again this year, where legal professionals and government officials from various countries will conduct mock trials and discussions on judicial decisions on international IP disputes and recent IP topics.
 This symposium, which started in 2017, has been a groundbreaking event that provides the latest information on Japan's IP judicial system as well as the systems of foreign countries, and has received a great response through the past four events.
 This year’s symposium, marking its fifth year anniversary, will provide a fulfilling program about the latest discussions and issues on IP dispute resolution in Asia. (It will be held in a web conference format this year due to the spread of COVID-19.)


2021.10.21 (The Ministry of Justice)Material is now downloadable.
2021.10.20 (Japan Patent Office)The current state of trials and appeals in Japan is now downloadable.
2021.10.20 (The Court)Mock Trial Slide for Mock Trial② and Summary of the Judgment are now downloadable.
2021.10.19 (The Court)Mock trial Slide for Case Explanation, Slide for Mock Trial① and Panel Discussion Material are now downloadable.
2021.10.15 (The Ministry of Justice/The Japan Patent Office)Material is now downloadable.
2021.10.13 The mock case material is now downloadable.
2021.10.6 Judicial Symposium on Intellectual Property TOKYO 2021 Website has been opened.
The registration has started.
Due to the spread of COVID-19, this symposium will only be held online.  

General Information

Wed.Oct.20 1:30PM-5:00PM(JST) /Court
Thu.Oct.21  10:00AM-6:00PM(JST) /Ministry of Justice
Fri.Oct.22  3:00PM-6:00PM(JST) /Japan Patent Office
Participation Due to the spread of COVID-19, this symposium will only be held online.
Advance registration is required, so please register from the registration form below.

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